Sunday Morning Ramblings..

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Waking up today was 1st a challenge. Everything that is going on in my life, it was also a Blessing.

It suppose to be in the lower 70’s and YAS! I am excited about that. Fairly odd for January but I will take it. I love winter but I think the older I get the more I don’t like the colder weather..

After cooking my dinner I think I will sit outside for awhile and soak up this beautiful weather here in South Carolina. Trying to find solitude. I yearn for peace of my mind. I am carrying so much stress that I need time to find my calm. Hoping that it will be soon… God Willing..



Holiday Depression…

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As far as moving into a new home and barely decorating the house ..

Depression has set in and I am trying my hardest to get through it.

The holiday’s always bring me to a low point.  I always feel like that old song..

“What do the lonely do at Christmas”…..

Everyone says you shouldn’t be so down.. Well when Christmas is a season of family, friends, and kids…  Not having children is the biggest… Then with my momma going through her declining health issue… (dementia)… It’s hard to really to do anything else.

So I am trying to find some “MY TIME” I truly need to take a vacation or go out with some friends..

Over the last few months I have let myself go but hoping that the new year will bring some motivation and some promises.. I need to live life again…




Clearing and Cleansing..

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I have been on hiatus.. I have really lost my motivation in most parts of my life. I have taken on all new responsibilities..  I tell you this adulting is stressful…  Haven’t had much My Time to do anything…
I have let go a lot of the nonsense that I used to deal with.. Trying to make time for my mental sanity too.. Taking care of mom and not working is making it really challenging to say the least… It has been so over whelming..

I promise to start back making an impact in my life.  I trying to get back to writing and reading..  I even want to get back to socializing with folks. Me and a friend of mine want to start a sisterhood traveling group.. I need it.. Man, I need it..

As far as a love life or personal life.. It is still non factor in my life… I haven’t been able to get out there to met people.. I don’t get out because I hate going out a lone and all my friends now are married or in a serious relationship so everything they do is with their partner.. Plus the last couple of times I had some men come up to me telling me I am unapproachable.. SMH!

We will see how things gonna go in the long run..